Jeff's Current Gear

Jeff is currently using 2 different kits and various cymbal configurations for gigs and studio work:

Pearl Masters Custom MCX:  8", 10", 14", 16", 22" bass drum; Evans G2 Clear drumheads

Gretsch Renown Series: 12", 14", 18" bass drum; Evans G2 Coated drumheads

Snare drums: 14" Gretsch Black Steel w Maple Hoops; 14" Yamaha Anton Fig Signature drum; 13" Pearl Omar Hakim Signature drum; 14" Pearl Jupiter chrome over brass; 14" Pearl Limited Edition Maple

Zildjian cymbals:  14" K Sweet Hats; 22" Constantinople Ride; 20" K Custom Ride; 20" K Flat Ride; 10" A Splash; 12" K Dark Splash; 14" Projection Crash;  16" K Dark Crash; 16" fx stack; 18" A Crash 18" K Dark Crash

 Vic Firth 5A Barrell Tip sticks

 No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves